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Grappe Variety
The grape used is called Ugni Blanc. This grape variety garanties a regular and constant wine quality. Grapes are harvested just before full ripeness in order to obtain, after fermentation, a perfect wine for the distillation.

The wine is distilled twice in the traditional Charentais pot still. This method extracts and preserves all the essences of the wine. The heads and the tails of distillation are separated, leaving only the heart of the spirit which will become Cognac.

It is a very slow natural process which develops in the dark and wet atmosphere of the Charentais cellars. This is where the magic alliance between the eau-de-vie and oak wood operates, bringing to the Cognac its strong flavours and deep colours, especially its amber tints and its famous rancio taste after many years. Paradis is the name of the dark and humid cellar where are secretly kept oldest eaux-de-vie and rare vintages.

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Cocktails by Jenn are fabulous and totally original. They are ready-to-drink, premium vodka classic cocktails that come in four flavours: Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop, Tropical Blue Lagoon and Appletini

You Get A Lot: 100 ml, single serve, 17 % alcohol by volume, 34 proof.

Four Fab Flavors:
Cosmopolitan - vodka, cranberry and a touch of lime
Lemon Drop - vodka and lemon liqueur
Tropical Blue Lagoon - vodka, blue curacao and a touch of lime
Appletini - vodka and apple liqueur

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