Schenley Distilleries Inc

Established in the year of 1945, today Schenley Distilleries Inc. is the only distillery in Quebec Province and one of the key producers of spirits in Canada.

It has gained success for the high quality and rich diversity of drinks which are offered on the global market. We shall mention just some of the reserved brands which have won permanent recognition - Golden Wedding Canadian whisky, Schenley O.F.C. Canadian whisky, Schenley Superior vodka, Schenley London Dry Gin, etc.

The Canadian whisky which is a favorite drink of many people is distinguished for its characteristic taste. It is a unique combination of various cereal distillates.

Pursuant to the Canadian legislation, the basic proportions of the Canadian whisky include a combination of distillates of rye, maize, malt barley and wheat.

Each producer alone sets the proportions of individual ingredients and the process of distillation. The recipes of the different quantities of individual grain mixtures are kept in secret. This explains the huge diversity of flavors for which the Canadian whisky is popular.

The production process in Canada is subjected to strict control and the whisky must stay in oak casks for three years before bottled and offered for sale. It is produced only in Canada and is successfully exported to more than 100 countries.

Most popular on the Bulgarian market is the whisky Golden Wedding. It is almost a cult in Bulgaria. It has the typical sweetish taste of this distillery with a gentle taste hint of seasoning, after swallowed.

SOFTRADE is an exclusive importer and distributor of the full range of spirits of Schenley Distilleries Inc. in Bulgaria.

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